Friday, December 21, 2007

Monastery Life


View from our rooftop of the terraced fields and
villagers' homes below

Stunning Himalayan views from our rooftop

View of the valley just behind the monastery

In October we all loaded up into the 2 monastery trucks
to go for a picnic. Lots of badminton, soccer and cricket-
it was a great day.

Inside the picnic tent with Lama Dawa
and Tashi Wangchuk

Badminton action shot

One monk tries to retreive the ball that John
hit into the river, while another chases the ducks

Mingyur Rinpoche visits Namo Buddha to speak with
the monks on conduct

During Mingyur Rinpoches visit

Laundry Day
on their day off, the monks are kept busy washing
their robes - and playing soccer and badminton too!

In the garden with Thrangu Rinpoche
on his 75th Birthday

Drummer inside the temple, during Rinpoche's
birthday celebration

Lama Dancing during Rinpoche's birthday

Young monks with Dorje, the favourite monastery dog

Tenzin Palden enjoys the view with Dorje

Namo Buddha Stupa

Statue at the Stupa

Butter Lamps
On the rooftop with Karma Phurbu after Cherezig

Our Departure
On the morning that we left all the monks gathered
in the shrine room to say goodbye and offer katas.
Karma Phurbu gave a very heartfelt speech and then
several of the 'medical monks' got up to say a few
words of thanks as well. It was a very touching goodbye.

Monks offering katas on the morning of our departure